I fell in love with fashion while watching Gossip Girl. Serena van der Woodsen became my muse. I love how style can say so much about a character. Veronica Lodge from Riverdale exudes confidence in her sophisticated (but slightly too short) dresses. Sutton from The Bold Type uses clothes to make her subjects feel good and confident, and that’s how I use my style too.

I love dressing up for anything, but especially networking events, important meetings, and interviews. What you wear can make you feel powerful.

I have also mentored college students and young professionals. I love giving back and watching these young ladies grow.

I decided to combine my passions for style and mentoring into a career styling business.

Dressing for the job you want, not the role you have, is essential. Your career isn’t about the position you have today. It’s about where you’re going. And I can help your trajectory by helping you find the right looks and create your own career style.

Sign up for one of my services to feel confident in the office, interviews and events. 

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My Vision

You can show people who you are through your style. A great statement piece can get you noticed at a networking event. The right look can give a great first impression in a job interview but also help you excel during the conversation too. Your style is so critical to your career and getting ahead.

I’m helping college students, recent grads, and young professionals use style to make their career dreams come true. I’ll help you find the right look for an interview, networking event, or meeting.

How it Works

You answer a questionnaire about your everyday style, what’s already in your wardrobe, and what you are looking for. From there we hop on a Zoom meeting to discuss more specifics. I can either help you create something from your wardrobe or send you links to pieces from your favorite brands.